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Sam Jackson talks about a possible return for STAR WARS EPISODE VII

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Enough is enough! I have had it up to here with these motherlovin’ rumours on this mother-lovin’ humour mill! Ok, I may not be able to drop some phat beats like a Hollywood script writer, but if there’s one thing that I can do, it’s dig the hell out of anything that stars Samuel L Jackson.

As Mace Windu, Sam Jackson was the baddest Jedi to ever swing a purple lightsaber on Coruscant, before (Spoiler!) suffering a crappy death at the hands of Anakin Skywalker and Darth Scrotum Sidious. But he wants back into the new cycle of films that Disney is now hell-bent on creating.

Speaking to E!, Jackson revealed that if given the chance, he’d be more than willing to slap on the robes for a new stint as the former big cheese of the Jedi order. So how does a Jedi grandmaster survive a de-handing, being shocked with UNLIMITED POWER and a perilous fall off of a ridiculously high skyscraper? Er, um…The Force?

Well according to Jackson, where there is a will, there is a way;

I’m not surprised but totally geeked by the idea of there being more Star Wars. It’s like, okay, Obi-Wan was dead when episode four started, so maybe everyone thinks I’m dead and we’ll find out what happened to Mace Windu. I can come back as one-armed or a one-handed Jedi that’s still around that didn’t actually die.

I could do that or be a ghost hologram. I don’t care, I just want to stay associated with the franchise. I just always loved [the franchise]. I always loved the idea of it, that there’s this whole civilization out there somewhere else that’s just as much fun and different and diverse and wild as we are.

I’d love to see Jackson back in the franchise, and logically, the best way to do this would be to go with the spooky Force Ghost method. As great as it would be to see him back and kicking ass, that would also water down his death scene tremendously from Revenge of the Sith.

Stick to the bio-luminescent paranormal Force shadows, says I.

Last Updated: December 11, 2012

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