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Sam Raimi to possibly direct a tornado heist movie

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While Disney is making money and success with almost everything it touches, it’s easy to forget that amidst all their successes, they have had some films which can still be considered flops. One of those was their Wizard of Oz reboot Oz: The Great And Powerful. While it’s true the film still made around $500 million at the global box office, it was not as successful as Disney had hoped and was not very well received critically and as such, the franchise kind of fell away without too much further interest.

The director of that movie Sam Raimi, has interestingly not jumped into any other feature film work since (Ash vs Evil Dead TV series aside) then and is seemingly taking his time in considering his next project. His name has been connected with several films such as World War 3 (based on predictions in George Friedman’s nonfiction best-selling book “The Next 100 Years”) or an English-language remake of Un Prophete, but so far nothing has been confirmed or finalized by the director or studios themselves. There is another film which is now joining that list of possibilities for the accomplished director, with Variety reporting the director is busy developing a film titled Stormfall for Warner Bros.

According to the reports, the film is still early in development as they are looking for writers for the film which  has been described as a mixture of Twister meets Ocean’s Eleven. So, if you’re struggling to vision that in your head, it essentially means the film will be a heist movie that takes place during a tornado. It’s a unique concept if it does go ahead, meaning at least it will stand out amongst the myriad of either heist or disaster films we see today.

Raimi has had a broad scope of movies in his extensive filmography, tackling everything from small budget horror like the Evil Dead franchise to mainstream superhero blockbusters like the Spider-Man trilogy and even cult offbeat hits like Darkman, so if there’s anybody that can make a concept like this work it would probably be him.

Last Updated: June 7, 2016

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