Sample Hans Zimmer's soundtrack to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES right now!

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I am am unabashed Hans Zimmer fanboy. The man is a musical deity who regularly turns this butch and bearded man into a blubbering mess with just a single note of a shakuhachi (The Last Samurai) or transforms even the most mundane of activities into an edge of your seat thriller (Inception).

And he has certainly not disappointed in his other collaboration with director Christopher Nolan, in scoring his Batman trilogy. His theme for the Joker in Dark Knight was a particular work of psychotic genius. Now, thanks to these 30 second samples of his soundtrack for The Dark Knight Rises, we can get a taste of what he’s cooked up for Bane.

I already have an early favourite in “The Fire Rises”, very Inception-y, which is certainly not a bad thing. And I’m pretty sure that “Gotham’s Reckoning” and “Mind If I Cut In” are Bane and Catwoman’s themes respectively. They both certainly evoke central aspects of the characters: The almost militaristic bombast for Bane, and the slightly tragic, slightly mischievous riff for Catwoman.

With just over a month left until this final chapter hits our screen, the wait is quickly becoming unbearable. I have a feeling that up until 20th July, I’m going to be looping these little snippets non-stop.

Last Updated: June 15, 2012

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