Sandra Bullock is going to lead some MINIONS as Scarlet Overkill

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The breakout star of Despicable Me in 2011 wasn’t Steve Carrell’s Gru, one of the numerous kids involved or even Julie Andrews as the mother from hell. Nope, it was those diminutive little oompah loompahs running around the secret super-villain base, the Minions, that stole the show.

With a sequel on the way, it looks like the Minions might be taking center stage, as the midget maniacs are a license to print money according to the teaser reactions so far. Or they could just get their own movie. That has the voice of Sandra Bullock involved.

And that’s exactly what is happening. Set in 1960, the spin-off will show the origins of the minions, as they’ve been around since the dawn of the super-villain, faithfully serving. And in that groovy and pointless decade, the Minions are feeling a bit down, due to the fact that they had accidentally killed their previous masters in one massive swoop of incompetence.

Enter a super-villain convention, where the minions seek a new world dominator to serve under, running into the young Scarlet Overkill along the way. Deciding that the little Super villainess may be the best boss to serve under, the Minions aim to help her take over the world.

Presumably, hijinks of the wacky variety follow.

Sandra Bullock will be voicing the little conqueror with an awesome-sounding name, while Pierre Coffin directs for a December 19, 2014 release. Despicable Me 2 on the other hand, hits cinemas in June.


Last Updated: February 12, 2013

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