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SA’s Weekend Top 10: Kervyn stole my The Gods Must Be Crazy headline

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Gods of Egypt debuts near the top, but will it stay there? Meanwhile, local films continue to rock the charts!

  • 01. DEADPOOL (Incl 3D & Imax)

That’s three weeks in a row for Deadpool in the top spot. Statistically that means it will drop to second either next week or the one thereafter. If it manages to grab five weeks at the top, it will overtake Star Wars and Ride Along 2‘s runs at the top.

  • 02. GODS OF EGYPT (Incl 3D & Imax)


Debuting in number 2 is what appears to be the year’s first mega-bomb. With a budget well north of $100 million, this was destined to be a franchise. Instead it inspired angry Facebook posts from the director.


Local movies continued to do it for themselves as this comedy maintains its third position for a second week in a row. This kind of performance for South African movies in the top 5 is rare, but becoming less so.

  • 04. VIR ALTYD

Another local movie doing very well, Vir Altyd eventually dropped from its second position, which it held for two weeks.


This girls-having-fun comedy keeps attracting a steady flow of viewers, only slipping one spot to 5th.

  • 06. 50 SHADES OF BLACK

Perhaps not the greatest accomplishment in cinematic thespianry, but the new Wayans spoof nonetheless is enjoying a bit of success. It climbed down one spot from its debut last week.

  • 07. GRIMSBY


Not all comedy stars get the recognition they deserve. For example, hate Adam Sandler all you want, but the man’s movies clean up. Not so much for Sacha Baron Cohen, whose new film Grimsby might be his most dismal performer yet.

  • 08. RIDE ALONG 2

A two spot drop for Ride Along 2, which has done stupidly well by exploiting the January doldrums.

  • 09. SOLACE


Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell hunting serial killers was not enough of a draw to help this film debut any higher than a tepid 9th.

  • 10. DADDY’S HOME

The Ferrell/Wahlberg juggernaut is finally taking a bow after recording a three spot drop – the biggest this week. But it has been a huge hit, so nobody’s having a sad goodbye.


For a change none of the chart departures are doing so with tails between their legs. Dirty Grandpa did very well considering it was universally panned. Ditto for Norm of the North, which made a brief chart return last week. And who can say anything bad about The Revenant anymore? It even won Leonardo di Caprio his absentee Oscar.

Last Updated: March 2, 2016

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