SA's Weekend Top 10: Bradley Cooper (might be) on fire

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Go watch Burnt. I don’t know if it’s good, but it is a rare moment where a A-list movie is released in SA before it graces American screens. Rotten Tomatoes is kinda middling about it, but what do critics know anyway? Box office numbers are all we care about in this column, but so far it’s only been released in a handful of images.

But whatever the reason, it entered our local charts at number one. That’s no indication of success yet, but it does make me wonder who went to see it and why. Does Bradley Cooper have great pull with teenage crowds? Are these old people? Middle classers? Foodies? For all my proclamations on our local watching happens, I have no idea. Maybe it’s the Masterchef demographic.

Burnt‘s arrival pushed everything down at least a notch. Hotel Transylvania 2 finally took a step down from the top of the mountain, but it’s not exactly suffering. It’s Pan that may have started a downward spiral. Debuting last week at second, it’s now fourth. But I don’t need to gaze in my crystal ball to see this coming: so far Pan has performed worse than the year’s two staggering flops, Tomorrowland and Jupiter Ascending. It cost about the same as those too.

The week’s second debut, local drama Dis Ek, Anna looks like a dark and powerful drama about child abuse. A woman kills her stepfather in revenge as the story about his evil deeds comes to light. I’d have to check previous charts and confirm, but outside of Schuks: Pay Back The Money this is the best debut for a local film so far in 2015.

dis ek anna

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials thus also fell two places to fifth, but don’t expect it to disappear soon. Ditto for The Martian, which only dropped one spot, so in a sense it actually recovered a position since last week. The real loser here is The Walk, which plummeted five places to ninth.

In between where it was and is now sits The Jakes Are Missing, a debut at seventh. Another local film, a teenager and his parents need to skip town after he witnesses a crime. They arrive at a quaint small town and are reminded about what is important in life. It’s a formula that was previously cribbed by For Richer or Poorer and Kindergarden Cop and the reviews say if you’re up for that, it’s a hoot.

the jakes are missing

At eighth for the third week in a row is The Perfect Guy. It’s been on the charts for a while now and is one of the best-performing underdog films of the year.

As mentioned, The Walk is really The Fall at ninth, but crime thriller Black Mass hasn’t had it much better. After its sixth spot debut last week, it dropped to tenth and will be gone next week.

04. PAN (incl 3D)
06. THE MARTIAN (incl 3D)
09. THE WALK (Incl 3D & Imax)

Three debuts mean three departures. The Intern bows out after a respectable run. But local audiences showed far less enthusiasm for crime thriller Sicario or action comedy American Ultra. Both leave the chart without making any ripples.

Hotel Transylvania 2 remains the top earner, raking in a total of R15 million so far.

Last Updated: October 28, 2015


A total movie glutton, nothing is too bad or too obscure to watch, unless it's something like The Human Centipede. If you enjoyed that, there is something wrong with you. But bless you anyway - even video nasties need love...

  • I need to get round to watching Hotel Transylvania before it leaves the cinema.

    • I think you still have a few weeks – it’s not going anywhere soon.

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