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SA’s Weekend Top 10: Gatvol of THE SKYWALKER SHOW

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Star Wars mania is finally dying down. Really, who gives a crap if Rey is Luke’s daughter or who the clubbing storm trooper was? Clearly not as many people as you’d think…

  • 01. RIDE ALONG 2


Ride Along 2 might be grabbing all the headlines and locally it’s still firmly the top movie in SA after two weeks. But let’s have a reality check: it’s yet to outperform the original movie or, in the case of Ice Cube roles, either Jump Street film.

  • 02. THE REVENANT (Incl Imax)


This clever bit of revenge porn is already dividing people along the love/hate line, with debates on whether Leonardo even deserves this Oscar. But unlike a lot of Oscar bait, this is a big hit and even manages a number 2 debut – very high for something not starring animated characters or superhero underpants.

  • 03. DADDY’S HOME


Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are back in a new comedy where one plays the weedy underdog and the other is the chiselled bad boy. It’s not been endearing critics, but has already outgrossed the previous Ferrell/Wahlberg collaboration, The Other Guys. Local fans came along to help it into a 3rd place debut.



Apparently this is a really daft movie that looks awful. For this reason alone I’m not even going to bother watching the trailer. But clearly kids love this kind of thing, ensuring a 4th spot debut.


Speaking of stuff kids love, the fourth Chipmunks movie has not lost ground and held on to the 5th position for another week.


This local comedy is having a great time, staying put at 6th for a third week. That’s unprecedented and sets a high bar for other local films in 2016.

  • 07. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS (Incl 3D, Imax & 4DX)

Shelving all puns about weak forces, Star Wars takes a huge tumble from 2nd to 7th. Just last week I wondered if it had a chance to regain the top spot, now we have to ask if it will be here next week. South Africans are clearly done with this one.

  • 08. THE GOOD DINOSAUR (Incl 3D)

At least Star Wars made some serious money. The Good Dinosaur had an equally dramatic tumble, falling from 3rd to 8th. The lukewarm Pixar creation is officially their worst disaster.

  • 09. POINT BREAK (Incl 3D)

This collapse of Jenga proportions just keep coming! As indisputable proof that everyone follows this column’s advice, Point Break crashed down from 4th to 9th. RIP Patrick Swayze, we did not appreciate your talent enough.


Finally, The Secret in Their Eyes falls from 7th to 10th. This may look bad, but it’s an adult-themed thriller. By those standards it’s been holding its own.

  • Leaving The Building…

It’s a clean flush of the previous week’s lowest-ranking movies: Joy bows out after two weeks – Jennifer Lawrence has her fans, but clearly they don’t buy tickets; The Big Short ends a short one-week stay, but South Africans don’t go out to watch that kind of movie; and it’s hamba kahle to Spectre, now the all-time number 2 Bond film (but still way, way behind Skyfall).

Last Updated: January 27, 2016

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