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SA’s Weekend Top 10 Movie Chart: Anyone know a good MECHANIC?

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South Africa movie top 10

Five – FIVE! – new movies in one week? It’s Christmas, right? Maybe for some. Other films are really feeling the pinch…

The Great Shuffle

  • 1. SUICIDE SQUAD (incl 3D & Imax) (LW: 1)
  • 3. STAR TREK: BEYOND (incl 3D, Imax & 4DX) (NE)
  • 4. BAD MOMS (LE: 2)
  • 5. PETE’S DRAGON (incl 3D) (LE: 3)
  • 6. SHALLOWS (NE)
  • 7. NINE LIVES (NE)
  • 10. JASON BOURNE (LE: 5)

The Glorious Analysis

  • 1. SUICIDE SQUAD (incl 3D & Imax)
    • Weekend gross: R 2 million
    • Percentage change: -38%
    • Total gross:R 29.3 million

This marks four weeks at the top for Suicide Squad, which is really good. To match, films like Avengers, Civil War and Star Wars all managed three to four weeks. So give this movie a Bells. But it is slowly dropping, receding nearly 40 percent since last week, and certainly will have dropped when the next chart report arrives. (Read our review)

    • Weekend gross: R 1.9 million
    • Percentage change: n/a
    • Total gross: R 1.9 million

Jason Statham is back, playing the Jason Statham version of a Charles Bronson character in a sequel that nobody really asked for. But, hey, it’s the Stath doing his thing. Audiences clearly approve and rewarded him with a second spot debut. SA loves the Stath. This film nearly made as much as Suicide Squad. Less than R50,000 kept it away from the top spot. That said, it is way, way, way below Suicide Squad‘s debut figures.

  • 3. STAR TREK: BEYOND (incl 3D, Imax & 4DX)
    • Weekend gross: R 1.8 million
    • Percentage change: n/a
    • Total gross: R 1.8 million

An underwhelming arrival for the third – and most controversial – of the new Star Trek movies. Many people backstage at The Movies love it, but some fans are grumbling that this is many things – but not Star Trek. Regardless, this ought to have taken the top spot, so a third place debut is a bit iffy. It also made nearly as much as Suicide Squad did, but that isn’t actually good. When that film opened, it made over R10 million. So Star Trek managed only a tenth, suggesting a death spiral is imminent. (Read our review)

star trek beyond bridge

  • 4. BAD MOMS
    • Weekend gross: R 1.2 million
    • Percentage change: -38.6%
    • Total gross: R 4.1 million

Bad Moms may not be as raunchy as its relative, The Hangover (both were made by the same people), but it still  struck a strong chord. Given all the new arrivals, a two spot drop (especially in the top 5) is not a big deal for this genre. But it will start being nudged down as other movies are released.

  • 5. PETE’S DRAGON (incl 3D)
    • Weekend gross: R 850,000
    • Percentage change: -37.7%
    • Total gross:R 4.1 million

Pete’s Dragon also fell two spots to make some space for new guns, but it is doing fairly well. Still, without there being any other films for kids in the top 10, I’d have thought this would have more appeal. Maybe the marketing isn’t grabbing the attention of screaming tots dragging at their exhausted parents’ sleeves? (Read our review)

    • Weekend gross: R 750,000
    • Percentage change: n/a
    • Total gross: R750,000

This surprise hit managed a reasonable arrival in the middle of the chart. We’ll finally see if shark movies (proper ones, not Sharknado and its ilk) have any bite with local audiences. (Read our review)


    • Weekend gross: R 740,000
    • Percentage change: n/a
    • Total gross: R 740,000

The main draw here is that Kevin Spacey is the voice of a cat. Met with really disappointed reviews, Nine Lives has not been playing true to its title. A seventh spot debut here is not helping – that is what I like to call the ‘thank you for charting’ spot.

    • Weekend gross: R 540,000
    • Percentage change: n/a
    • Total gross: R 540,000

Local romantic comedy. Check. Stellar cast. Check. Afrikaans title. Check. Predictable poster. Check. So why did this chart so poorly? I have no idea, but there is a sliver of a chance it could gain some ground. All the ingredients are there.

    • Weekend gross: R 490,000
    • Percentage change: -49.5%
    • Total gross: R3.9 million

A huge, HUGE drop for this raunchy comedy. I honestly thought it has more legs after a strong debut and a decent second week. But a five spot plunge puts the mark on this one: it will be gone next week.

    • Weekend gross: R 350,000
    • Percentage change: – 63.2%
    • Total gross: R 15.5 million

The latest Bourne adventure also suffered a massive drop of five spots. On the one hand, though, it’s been around a lot longer. On the other its overall gross is not exactly great: it made about half that of Suicide Squad, despite being around for a week longer. Maybe we should give Jeremy Renner another chance?

The Grim Departures

Five in, five out. The techno thriller Nerve clearly only bored audiences, falling out after one week. With great sadness so did Kubo & The Two Strings. What will it take for people to appreciate truly genius stop-motion animation? Ghostbusters fell so hard it’s nearly ou of the top 20, Ice Age 5 retired with a fairly decent haul of R 20 million, and Florence Foster Jenkins took a bow from a respectable but short two week run with the crowd.

Last Updated: September 1, 2016

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