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SA’s Weekend Top 10 Movie Chart: Mildly Magnificent

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It’s a quiet day at the O.K. Corral, with a remake managing to shoot the place up a little.  But nobody is really paying attention as the charts continue in a slow, hazy slumber.

The Most Wanted

  • 01. MAGNIFICENT 7 (incl Imax) (NE)
  • 03. BEN-HUR (incl 3D & 4DX) (LW: 2)
  • 05. BAD MOMS (LW: 6)
  • 06. SUICIDE SQUAD (incl 3D, Imax & 4DX) (LW: 5)
  • 08. NINE LIVES (LW: 7)
  • 09. SULLY (incl Imax) (LW: 3)
  • 10. PETE’S DRAGON (incl 3D) (LW: 8)

Fast hands in the Slow West

01. MAGNIFICENT 7 (incl Imax)
Weekend gross: R 1.8 million
Percentage change: n/a
Total gross: R 1.8 million


The new version of the Magnificent 7 seems to be light in the Western and heavier on the big screen kinetics audiences want, so it gets a deserving debut at the top spot. But will Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua prove their collaborations have staying power? Hopefully so, since this opened more poorly than Bridget Jones’s Baby last week – and that was hardly newsworthy as it is. (Read our review)

Weekend gross: R 1.4 million
Percentage change: -32.3%
Total gross: R4.4 million

The long-awaited third Bridget Jones movie has been met with mixed results, but some markets have taken to the more mature and well-rounded sequel. The comedy slips to second, but it’s doing good business and likely to make a tidy return on a $35 million budget. (Read our review)

03. BEN-HUR (incl 3D & 4DX)
Weekend gross: R 800,000
Percentage change: -44.4%
Total gross: R2.6 million

It may seem like good tidings for the year’s current poster catastrophe to still be in the top 5, but Ben Hur is just buoyant due to a depressed chart. This is only its second week, yet the failed blockbuster is already earning less than a million rands. (Read our review)

Weekend gross: R 557,000
Percentage change: -23.3%
Total gross: R 8.1 million

It’s not been a bad payday for Jason Statham’s latest film, but its days of rattling up the top tiers of the charts are done.

Weekend gross: R 528,000
Percentage change: -25.3%
Total gross: R 9.1 million

The Bad Moms rebound a position, cementing this comedy’s rep as one of the season’s surprise hits. It made over $100 million off $20 million in the US, so expect a sequel.

06. SUICIDE SQUAD (incl 3D, Imax & 4DX)
Weekend gross: R 448,000
Percentage change: -38.1%
Total gross: R 34.7 million

Suicide Squad ended up having far better prospects than what critics have laid out. It’s no cultural watermark, but at least it’s not a flop either. (Read our review)

Weekend gross: R 438,000
Percentage change: n/a
Total gross: R 438,000


The movie reunion of the famous British sitcom gets a tepid reception and will probably not be around for long.

Weekend gross: R 437,000
Percentage change: -25.7%
Total gross: R 3.7 million

Five weeks on the charts and still no pun about this movie’s name, despite its wonky run. From starting poorly to clawing into the top 10 like a new sofa around dinner time, this kitty family comedy has staying power.

09. SULLY (incl Imax)
Weekend gross: R 398,000
Percentage change: -54.8%
Total gross: R 3.2 million

Forget what i wrote about Clint Eastwood’s mainstream sensibilities, South African audiences respond to Sully as if they heard a bad joke, plunging it six places from third.

10. PETE’S DRAGON (incl 3D)
Weekend gross: R 260,000
Percentage change: -47.7%
Total gross: R 6.4 million

Disney’s roll at producing live action versions of its famous classic is off to new highs with the recent Lion King announcement. Let’s hope someone remembers Pete’s Dragon made a small contribution to the genre. (Read our review)

Run outta town

Sausage Party gets the boot after a measly two weeks, perhaps still proving that people don’t want movies about food. Maybe that was the problem with the title of Dis Koue Kos Skat, a local film that rebounded fairly well but ultimately didn’t have a huge run.

Last Updated: September 29, 2016

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