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SA's Weekend Top 10: Zoos make money, just not Ben Stiller's zoos…

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Did they wait too long? Even though I’m a fan of the original Zoolander, I really don’t feel like seeing the sequel. I associate Ben Stiller more with Madagascar and other daft family comedies than the cult hit. It appears other fans do too…

  • 01. ZOOTROPOLIS (Incl 3D)

The fast and furry remain at the top for a second week, but this might not be that big a surprise. The movie already beat the opening record in the US set by Frozen and may be set for all-time earner glory.


Gerard Butler may be wishing he never got involved with Gods of Egypt. But like any good career actor he will now appreciate the power of popular sequels as the follow-up to Olympus Has Fallen does good everywhere.

  • 03. DEADPOOL (Incl 3D & Imax)

Deadpool also has not gone anywhere since last week, staying put at third. It’s now the 10th all-time superhero movie, beating the earnings of Iron Man.


This local comedy continues a fantastic run, staying put at fourth for a second week and enjoying its fourth overall week on the charts.

  • 05. ZOOLANDER 2

zoolander hansel valentina

A lacklustre halfway debut tells you all worth knowing about the long-awaited sequel. It’s worth remembering that the original Zoolander was also a flop, only to be resurrected as a cult favourite. But this may not be so lucky.

  • 06. GODS OF EGYPT (Incl 3D & Imax)

Despite bad press, Gods of Egypt is not disappearing as fast as one might have thought. It fell one spot and is still far from a success. But the movie continues to attract modest crowds.

  • 07. VIR ALTYD

Last week this local film set a new earnings record for an Afrikaans movie, which helped it drop only a single position.

  • 08. EYE IN THE SKY


A thriller about drone strikes didn’t really seem to interest anyone, nor that this is one of the last movies the late Alan Rickman appeared in. Eye In The Sky made an utterly unimpressive 8th place debut.

  • 09. TRIPLE 9


A heist film with all the ‘bad streets of LA’ cliches thrown in for good measure, Triple 9 has a good cast but still couldn’t appeal to moviegoers.



Given Vir Altyd‘s solid run, it’s strange to see a new local Afrikaans movie debut so low on the chart. Maybe the craft beer theme is too much for some teetotalling aunties.


Four in, four out. How To Be Single takes its leave after a few good weeks in the Top 10, while the excellent Room sadly falls away after just one week. 50 Shades of Black also bowed out and The Revenant fell back again after its brief post-Oscar resurgence.

Last Updated: March 16, 2016

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