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Say goodbye to THE EXTRAS… sort of

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I would have liked to start this post by saying that you probably noticed that there was no edition of Extras! yesterday, but unfortunately I know that most of you actually didn’t notice, which is strangely enough why we’re here today.

I’ve been doing Extras nearly for as long as this site has been around. It began as me just wanting to share all the cool and funny videos, pictures and links that I found everyday while trawling the net. It was a hell of a lot of work every day (yes, we do work around here), but it was totally worth it because you guys really liked it!

But as time has gone on, it has become increasingly obvious that less and less of you are liking it – or actually even bothering to look at it – as view numbers have been steadily declining until we’ve now reached the point where the daily effort is just not worth it.

So what now? Well, we still want to keep sharing all these fun nuggets we find with you guys, so we’re just going to be doing things a bit differently on what we hope will be a better platform.

Starting next Monday, we will start posting several of the videos, pics, posters, etc that would have gone on Extras! throughout the day on both our Twitter feed and Facebook page. Then once a week, on Friday afternoons, we will have one post on the site that just rounds up the past week’s contributions in one place.

This will unfortunately mean that we won’t be able to cover as much as we used to with the old Extras!, but it will mean that we will still get to share most of it in a more streamlined manner.

We’re not dictators though (despite Nick’s delusions of grandeur), so would still like to hear your feedback on this approach. Do you think it’s a better alternative? Hell, maybe you even have a better idea on how we could tackle it, so sound off below in the comments!

Viva, Extras! Viva!

Last Updated: May 28, 2015

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