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Season 2 of AGENT CARTER will have a lighter feel and more episodes

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Marvel might finally be onto something when it comes to small screen heroes. Agents of SHIELD is still going strong, Daredevil was a hit on Netflix and Agent Carter was both and exciting. It’s the kind of show I’d dig to see more, especially now that it isn;t on ice unlike a certain star-spangled Avenger.

According to Agent Carter herself, you can expect to see the second season focus more on humour and the glamorous side of Los Angeles. “I had this conversation with the show runners a couple of weeks ago, and we talked about what is it that the audience wants to see,2 Hayley Atwell said at Comicapalooza via DigitalSpy.


What was very exciting is, in a second season she’s grieved over Steve and she’s now about to embark on a new adventure in her life. So she’s in a much better place, so in terms of where she is it’s going to be a lot lighter for her, there’s going to be more humour to her and more warmth. She’s not struggling so much with her identity.

I also think the show runners really want to move it forward. So it’s going to be set in LA and with 10 episodes it’s going to be a very glamorous, dark world of 1940s Los Angeles. I think it might be touched upon a little bit about her background, but I think we want to move it forward so the audience feel like we are taking them on a new journey.

Makes sense. Half the battle in Agent Carter revolved in the former OSS operative getting her fellow agents to trust and respect her. Now that Carter has done just that, she’s pretty much established herself as a power player who can tackle the most dangerous cases.

Peggy, Jarvis and the rest of the gang will be on break for a while however. They’ll only be back in the middle of next year.

Last Updated: May 26, 2015

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