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Season 6 of GAME OF THRONES has no idea what's going to happen

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Spoilers. I mean really. If you haven’t seen all the seasons of Game of Thrones by now then you deserve them!

Man oh man. If there is one show out there that I both hate and love beyond belief it’s Game of Thrones. I hate it because it is more addictive than crack (I’m told), more insidious than Kervyn with a crappy old movie he needs reviewing, and more shocking than a stable ESKOM power grid. And you know what? We love it. We love it for its potential. We love it for its characters, story, visuals, and BOOBS!

We are all used to the sadomasochistic bastard author George R.R. Martin, who has probably induced more heart attacks, rage killings and rocking in shower episodes, than any other person on the planet. You see he likes KILLING characters. Characters we like. I mean really like! So when we came to the end of season 5 and ‘You know nothing’ John Snow was pierced like a pin cushion people lost their s*it. I mean, they went mental. Myself included. I mean why bother watching… Okay there is Tyrion Lannister played by the superbly talented Peter Dinklage… Damn, he’s probably going to be on the chopping block next, isn’t he? But to kill off John Snow, that was a ballsy move. Well it looks like it may have been more of a hint of a move, what with recent posters hinting at his return. And now this teaser. Or is it a bad joke? Could be, Martin is a pretty cruel man and seeing as he hasn’t written the next book but is working closely with the producers he does have a lot of say in the series. Have a watch and prepare for winter…

I really hate the series, it has too much power, TOO MUCH DAMN POWER! After watching that, April seems like an eternity away. Well, we’ll all have to watch Supergirl till we can get there! Do you think Snow will come back? He frigging better, or I will never watch it!

Last Updated: December 4, 2015

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  1. I’d just be happy to continue on Rickon’s storyline. Nothing in season 5 – and the end of s4 left a pretty big fucking question mark looming over that thread.


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