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Seems like Warner Bros really, really wants Christian Bale back as Batman, after he's done being MOSES

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We all know by now, that Christian Bale isn’t interested in returning to the big screen dressed up in parenting issues armour. He’s done playing Batman. And after three grueling films, I don’t blame him. The thing is, trying to tell that to Hollywood is the equivalent of not shooting at a cow on a paintball field that is wearing a billboard warning you about the consequences of unprovoked attacks on livestock.

So how does Warner bros plan to woo Bale back? Why, with 60 million reasons of course.


Or to be exact, about 40 million when converted to British Pounds. According to the Sun Newspaper (pinch of salt) via Badass Digest, Warner Bros has offered Bale a luditacular amount of cash to reprise his role for the upcoming 2015 film Batman vs Superman. And in a way, it makes sense. WB and director Zack Snyder have already mentioned that they want an older and more established Batman for the role, and throwing that much cash at Bale could convince him to return.

But it’s also a bad idea. With Bale being so high profile, that’s a ton of cash to funnel away from production and into his pocket. Done right, an unknown or less established actor could be just as, if not more, effective than Bale. And for a deal this size, I doubt that WB would want Bale back for just one more film.

There’s no comment from BaleMan yet, but in the meantime, he’ll be playing the part of Moses for the upcoming Ridley Scott film according to GeekyTyrant. While Bale will play the parting of oceans wizard that Egypt deserves, not the one that it needs, Joel Edgerton is also now rumoured to be joining the cast as Ramses. That’s two great actors underneath a cult favourite director. Should be an interesting time, provided that WB doesn’t poach Bale back to the bat-cave.

Last Updated: August 14, 2013

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