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Selene is back in this first trailer for UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS

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While teenagers had their hearts aflutter when they were forced to choose between Team Edward and Team Jacob, I was still deadset on remaining a loyal supporter of Team Selene. Your werewolf may have had a crippling vulnerability to T-shirts, but the werewolves of my generation were proper bloodthirsty beasts who would play hopscotch in the chest cavities of those Hollywood pretty boys and sparkly vampires.

Thing is, I’m well aware that Underworld movies are absolutely cheesy shoot ‘em ups sans the carrots. And that’s why I love them. They’re fully aware of their premise, and they usually run with it to deliver some stunning and stylish action along the way. The last time we saw an Underworld movie was way back in 2012’s Underworld: Awakening.

Four years later, Kate Beckinsale is back for Underworld: Blood Wars, a grand new tale of the history of the supernatural who walk amongst us. And then proceed to beat the ever-loving crap out of one another in a secret war that has lasted for centuries. Here’s the first trailer for it:

UNDERWORLD: BLOOD WARS follows Vampire death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) as she fends off brutal attacks from both the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her. With her only allies, David (Theo James) and his father Thomas (Charles Dance), she must stop the eternal war between Lycans and Vampires, even if it means she has to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Oh my yes, that’s the kind of Underworld movie I love. Filled with bullets and blue tones. Underworld: Blood Wars is directed by Anna Foerster and also stars Charles Dance as probably a different vampire from the one we saw in Dracula: Untold, Theo James as David, Outlander’s Tobias Menzies as Maurius and Lara Pulver as Semira. James Faulkner, Peter Andersson, Bradley James, Daisy Head and Clementine Nicholson round out the rest of the cast for the January 6 release.

Last Updated: September 8, 2016

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  1. I saw Lord Tywin Lannister, Lord Edmure Tully and Lord Randall Tarly all in there.

    Birds of a feather eh?


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