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Sharlto Copley enters talks to be (in) Maleficent

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It’s been a good week for South Africa’s favourite prawn hater and A-Team lunatic. Sharlto Copley has recently locked in a crucial, villainous role in the Spike Lee reimagining of Oldboy, while also nabbing a spot in the  Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego’s dark thriller Open Grave, which will start shooting in Hungary soon.

And now, he’s up for a role opposite Angelina Jolie in the retelling of the Sleeping Beauty tale, Maleficient.

Deadline has reported that Copley is currently in talks to portray King Stefan, father of the comatose-cursed Sleeping Beauty, in a role that is described as the male lead, which in turn will be a major role in the film.

With a script from Paul Dini and Linda Woolverton, Maleficent puts a different spin on the classic fairy tale, by centering it on the villain herself, and providing a reason for why the “Mistress of all evil” is so keen on casting roofie spells on young girls.

Robert Stromberg is directing, for a 2014 release, while Copley can be seen next in the sci-fi Europa, as well Elysium, from his District 9 buddy Neil Blomkamp.



Last Updated: May 4, 2012

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