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Shazam! director David F. Sandberg just made a short horror film during quarantine

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With most of us having a little (or a lot) more free time on our hands thanks to the current lockdown to combat the COVID-19 virus, now is the time to learn new things or complete those projects you’ve always dreamed of but could never find the time for. That is if you can somehow avoid your partner’s nagging desire to clean the house, fix that door and finally paint the house as you promised to do all those years ago.

Whatever you’re up to during your quarantine, prepare to feel completely inadequate because while the rest of us have spent our time catching up on our gaming and Netflix backlogs, Shazam! direct David F. Sandberg has actually gone and made a short horror film called Shadowed. The filmmaker conceptualised and filmed the entire project entirely while locked up at his house. Here’s the short film which stars Sandberg’s wife Lotta Losten:

While that obviously lacks some of the polish of a properly lit movie, that is still masterfully done and incredibly suspenseful. Sandberg actually got his break in film directing through a similarly devised short film, Lights Out, back in 2015 which eventually got turned into a full-length feature that he helmed. Shadowed, which sees Losten star as a woman alone in her house and tormented by strange things in the shadows, sort of continues the thread of Lights Out and who knows, we could see this one adapted for the big screen as well. This short film is better than the majority of horror movies we get these days anyway.

Sandberg is currently working on Shazam! 2, but hopefully finds some time afterwards to direct another horror movie because he clearly has a remarkable talent for it.

Last Updated: April 3, 2020

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