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The big release of this weekend past was undoubtedly acclaimed director Chris Nolan’s latest offering Interstellar. Despite some third act clumsiness where things almost go full M. Night Shymalan (you never go full Shyamalan!), I really, really enjoyed the film for its unrivalled ambition and mindblowingly big ideas. As a film it has it’s flaws (which we’ll discuss later), but as a love letter to all kinds of sci-fi geekery, it just towers over anything else we’ve seen for the last few decades.

But that’s the opinion of a self-confessed science geek who knows more about doppler shifts and string theory than how to change the oil in his car. So what did the rest of you guys think? As always, this article is for people who have already seen the movie, so from here on out we are a go when it come to SPOILERS. Yes, SPOILERS are allowed and in fact encouraged. If you haven’t seen the movie yet but wander in here anyway and get something spoilt for you, the only response you can expect from me is diresion and raucous laughter.

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Right, so you’ve all heard my thoughts on the movie, but I have a few gripes I couldn’t mention earlier. Firstly, even though the whole episode with Matt Damon’s Mann sabotaging them so that he can get off planet results in what is easily the film’s intense action highlight, the entire plot point feels incredibly contrived. Secondly, just how did Murph go from just rereading her childhood notebook to figuring out the ghost was actually her dad sending her messages via gravity from the future? Speaking of sending messages… Do you have any idea how much data could be collected from inside a black hole?! And then you send it back only using morse code? Do you know how long that would take for Murph to read, even if you ignore the fact that she’s missed the first 20 years of ticking? And finally, why the hell did Murph wait until they found her father to send him after Brand? If they had the means to get to her, why did she wait until she was on her deathbed before doing it?

I know some reviewers have not connected with Nolan’s ponderings on love as a scientific abstract, but I have no problem with it. It’s really just these issues that bother me. Do you have any more gripes, like maybe these 15 Maddening Interstellar Plot Holes? Or maybe you’re from the school of thought that says that Cooper actually died when entering the black hole and the film’s final few moments were just him seeing his loved ones one more time?

Last Updated: November 10, 2014

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