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Some space miners need to now save the world in this trailer for Netlfix’ Korean film Space Sweepers

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Following the ground-breaking victory of Parasite at last year’s Oscars, it seems that the world is finally starting to embrace the excellence of Korean cinema. While the country has long produced great stores and filmmakers, their films have struggled to gain worldwide recognition due to people’ not always being willing to read subtitles in their movie-watching experience.

That is starting to change though, and Korean films are starting to be seen as big draws for audiences, especially with their high production values and now Netflix is bringing one of the most ambitious Korean films to date in what is billed as the country’s first spacefaring blockbuster and could become the start of a “Korean Star Wars”.

High expectations for any movie to live up against, but now Netflix has released a trailer for the film to try and convince us that the hype is real:

Called Space Sweepers, the story follows a ragtag crew of outer-space junk miners who happen upon a highly destructive, Earth-threatening weapon in the guise of an innocent-looking little kid and now must forget about just earning money and saved the earth instead. The film is directed by Jo Sung-hee and stars Kim Tae-ri (The Handmaiden) and Song Joon-ki.

While this film lacks a lot of the visual polish, we would expect from a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster, I like the gritty look of this and while the trailer doesn’t reveal a whole lot that is going on, it certainly teases that there is some tense action and great stories coming our way. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype and becomes another Korean movie that gets the world excited about again.

Last Updated: January 7, 2021

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