Sometimes dead is better, as PET SEMATERY is getting a remake

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In truly frightening news, it looks like another classic horror film is on the chopping block for a remake. Plus, you might want to bury your pets much, much deeper undergorund for this news.Stephen King’s cult classic Pet Sematary is being dug up right now, with r Juan Carlos “28 Weeks Later” Fresnadillo attached to direct. The original film, released in 1989 and based on the 1983 Stephen King book, told the tale of a pet cemetery that was built on a haunted Native American ground (Man, those people really knew how to do revenge) that could reanimate anything that was buried in that dirt.

Matthew “1408” Greenberg is working on a new script, alongside David Kajganich who is also tinkering on another Stephen King film remake, It.

Last Updated: November 1, 2013

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