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Bryan Fuller writing/directing a new adaptation of Stephen King’s Christine

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Okay, I really need our tech overlords to now stop snooping on us, please. It’s getting unnerving. Literally yesterday, after seeing that Stephen King’s Lisey’s Story has premiered on Apple TV+, I commented to my wife that there are a few classic film adaptations of the horror maestro’s novels I would like to rewatch. And top of the list, based on the fact that I can’t remember actually watching it, was Christine. And now this morning comes the news that a brand new Christine feature film adaptation is happening.

Deadline reports that this new adaptation is being produced by Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Production while Bryan Fuller has been tapped to write and direct, which is a very exciting prospect. Fuller started his career working on several Star Trek shows as a writer in the late 1990s/early 200s before making his name by creating cult-favourite TV series such as Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, Hannibal, and American Gods. He also returned to his roots by co-creating Star Trek: Discovery. Fuller has never directed a feature film but he has penned a few made-for-TV movies. Interestingly, one of those is the 2002 adaptation of King’s Carrie.

As for Christine, originally published in 1983, it followed a shy and nerdy teen named Arnie who buys a dilapidated ’58 Plymouth Fury, nicknamed “Christine” by its previous owner, to fix up. While working on the car prompts a physical transformation that sees Arnie breaking out of his shell, things start going drastically wrong around him. As Arnie eventually discovers, Christine is no ordinary car and is actually possessed by malevolent spirits who have their own twisted goals for Arnie.

The book was most famously adapted as a feature film by horror veteran John Carpenter in 1983. Although barely broke even at the box office bomb, earning $21 million off a $10 million budget, it received plenty of critical praise and has gone on to become a cult-classic with fans. It has to be stated that unlike how some publications are reporting this, Fuller’s new film will not be a remake of Carpenter’s classic – which deviated a fair bit in places from the source material – but a new adaptation of King’s original novel. This includes not updating the story but keeping its 1980s setting “and grounded in King’s bestseller”.

King is officially the most adapted author in history, but translating his work to the screen has been especially good business over the last few years, with several studios dipping into the author’s massive library of work. The past two-and-a-half years alone have seen feature film adaptations of Pet Sematary, It, In the Tall Grass, and Doctor Sleep, while TV screens have had The Outside, The Stand, and now Lisey’s Story. It’s unclear when Fuller’s Christine adaptation will be happening but King fans won’t need to worry as there are around 30 other new film/TV adaptations of his work already in production or announced.

Last Updated: June 9, 2021

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