Sony going to DODGE AND TWIST their way into a reimagined Oliver Twist tale

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Nowadays, you can’t go week with one of the dreaded R’s showing up, and no I’m not talking about annoying Rihanna song’s. I’m talking reboots, remakes, recombobulations or whatever the cool kids are calling it these days.

And since the 1980’s barrel has already officially been scraped clean thanks to Sony, the studio is seemingly casting gaze even further back. Like 1838 back.

I believe a “What the Dickens?!” is appropriate at this juncture.

THR reports that Ahmet Zappa, the filmmaking and book publishing son of legendary muso Frank Zappa, has sold his “conceptual reimagining” of Charles Dickens’ classic tale, Oliver Twist, to Sony to be turned into a feature film titled Dodge and Twist.

As the name implies, the story will be focusing on both Oliver as well as the Artful Dodger, and will be set 20 years after the events of the original tale as Oliver, now a policeman, tries to foil an elaborate heist by Dodger to steal the Crown Jewels.

Cole Haddon, comic book writer and creator of the upcoming Jonathan Rhys-Meyers starring “Dracula” series on NBC, will be penning the final script, which I wouldn’t be susprised to include a few modern touches a la Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes reimagining.

This is actually the second new take on Dicken’s tale that was recently announced, with CBS developing a gender swapping, modern take called Olivia Twisted which stars Twilight’‘s Ashley Greene in title role as the leader of “a band of criminal street urchins who find themselves in the middle of a gang war after a kidnapping job goes bad.”

Yeah, not quite what you learned in English class, right?

To beat out their “twisted” competition, Sony is apparently fast tracking Dodge and Twist so expect some more developments real soon.

Last Updated: February 12, 2013

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