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Space Jam: A New Legacy’s latest trailer features plenty of looney tunes action

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The fate of the world is at stake. Except, only this time it’s not a group of overpowered superheroes fighting a CGI villain, but rather a group of CGI cartoons fighting among themselves to win a game of basketball. And they don’t even know how to play.

Of course, we have been down this road before with the first Space jam movie back in 1996 which saw Michael Jordan team u with the Looney Tunes and win a game of basketball and ensure the world is safe once more. And as we already know with this new sequel, it’s pretty much a similar run of the mill story. Except, only this time it’s LeBron James playing a fictionalised version of himself, while the events all take place in a bizarre virtual reality that includes various other Warner Bros franchises, promising very different experiences from the first movie.

This time though, we are getting a trailer for the film that removes some of the other franchise tie-ins and reminds us that at its core, Space Jam: A New Legacy is still very much a move about Looney Tunes and Basketball and perhaps not all that different from its predecessor.

I always thought the idea f this sequel was silly, with it not only taking what was already a silly premise for a movie and making it even crazier, but in forcing Le Bron’s acting skills on us and trying to add tie-ins to all other Warner Bros franchises I thought the studio was properly losing the plot. And all that may still end up bring true, but if this movie is going to work, it’s going to be because of the Looney tunes themselves and their crazy antics and thankfully this trailer shows that the wild humour they are going to bring is still top drawer and this might be a movie worth watching, even if it’s just for their madness along with the rest just serving as a mere distraction.

Space Jam: A New Legacy is releasing in theatres and HBO Max on Jul 16th, 2021. It might be a rehashed concept, but thankfully Bug Bunny and the gang never get old and even their rehashed jokes are still a good laugh.

Last Updated: June 11, 2021

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