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Spidey’s lack of spider-sense in Spider-Man Homecoming explained

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You all know the tune by now: Spider-Man really does do whatever a spider can. One thing that you don’t see the latest incarnation of the amazing wall crawler do however? Avoid danger at the last second with the most handy power around, spider-sense. Essentially an early warning system, spider-sense gives the webhead a tingling in the back of his skull whenever danger is present and aimed at him.

Much like my own Darryn-sense, albeit the tingling is in my rectum and the danger is the morning after-effect of having consumed too many chillies as I desperately bemoan the fact that my toilet paper shooters are empty. Anyway, spider-sense is a great ability that has been present in the previous Spider-Man films and have allowed for the most dramatic last-minute dodges possible.

You won’t see said ability in Spider-Man: Homecoming however, as this Spidey seems to get on just fine without it. “The idea was, again, just you want to make this movie be less about things you’ve already seen before, and you’ve definitely already seen a spider sense sequence done extremely well in Marc [Webb]’s and [Sam] Raimi’s movies,” director Jon Watts said to Collider, although he hinted that the next Spider-Man film could introduce the power as an interesting hurdle for Peter Parker.

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It could be something that develops over time or we can do it in a different way. It’s something that seemed like maybe there’s a cool thing to do with that eventually, but let’s not crowd this movie with something we’ve already seen before… That could be … I’m just making things up right now, but it could be something like you’re saying that develops over time.

Here’s the weird part of this discussion, as Marvel Studios big boss Kevin Feige says that Peter does have an instinctual spider-sense, but Marvel really does want to explore it eventually. “No, I think he has it. And I think he has it with or without that suit. I think how we explore it in a cinematic sense will change. I mean, that was sort of a big showy part of previous versions and we thought that we’d make it more of an internal, sort of second nature thing for him”, Feige said to IGN.

But there are ways coming up that will slowly hint at that and also just make it part of his, you know, his natural abilities. But we don’t know that if it will be — I think we’ll explore it further down the line, but [it’s] definitely him not the suit.

The simple answer then is that Peter’s spider-sense is still developing. He’s just begun to explore his new abilities by the time of his introduction in the MCU, with the ESP ability hinted at back in Captain America: Civil War when he mentions that his goggles help him focus on the information that he needs at any given time, tuning out outside interference. Sort of like a super-powered politician then.

Last Updated: July 11, 2017

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