Spoon! THE TICK is headed back to TV

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Heroes may finally be making their way to the smaller screen, but you’d be hard pressed to find any show or character with a cult following that is almost as nigh invulnerable as it’s lead character. Back in 2001, that hero was known as the Tick, and despite a crippling lack of intelligence the big blue buffoon managed to save the day. For about a dozen or so episodes at least. Well empty your bladder of the bitter black urine that men call coffee, because The Tick is bouncing back.

According to People, the cult classic show will be revived on Amazon, or at least as a pilot before a full series was commisioned. According to the rumour, the new show would see the return of Patrick Warburton in his antennaed blue muscle suit.

I’ve got a mad amount of love for both the crazy cartoon from the mid-nineties, as well as the live action series. The cartoon was about as mental as could be, with a cast made up of the Tick, his long-suffering sidekick Arthur and various other heroes who were pretty much useless when evil came a knockin’.

The live action show took the absurdity to a new level, focusing on the various hang-ups of these heroes, and their general ineffectiveness at actually being able to do anything about crime. Both series are still easily watchable, and have aged beautifully. Take some time, give it a watch and shout about spoons. You’ll thank me later.

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Last Updated: September 1, 2014

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