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Spotify teaming up with Chernin Entertainment to make new TV shows and movies

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Spotify might be the hub for many of your music and podcast listening habits, but the company appears to want to take over your viewing habits as well. A new announcement from the company via The Verge has revealed that Spotify is partnering with Chernin Entertainment, the production company behind Ford v Ferrari, Hidden Figures, and New Girl, to develop TV and movie pitches based on Spotify-exclusive and original podcasts

According to Spotify, their library now consists of more than 250 original shows from its various podcasts which it believes Chernin Entertainment can capitalise on and is hoping that the company can use many of the ideas for this community to create hit movies and TV shows. And ultimately get to make a lot of money from that potentially lucrative and profitable industry.

Chernin, Spotify, and Pineapple Street Media are already collaborating on a TV adaptation of The Clearing, with Gimlet Media (now owned by Spotify) also turning its show Homecoming into a Prime Video original series. So it’s proving to already be a formula that is working for all the company’s involved. You could soon see many adaptations of your favourite podcast shows on Spotify coming to different formats in the near future.

With Podcasts already proving to be popular formats of content creation that are relatively inexpensive to produce, it’s no surprise that many creative people are turning to the format to come with different types of shows, including fictional ones and for these creatives, it could also be a good format for future stardom now that they can see their ideas given more expansive budgets and turned into bigger shows.

Last Updated: September 28, 2020

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  1. BradeLunner

    September 28, 2020 at 18:51

    Wolf 359 please! What a great podcast/space mystery


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