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Facebook looking to pivot into the audio space

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Facebook is no longer just a hub for all your distant family members to get the low-down on what is going on in your life but is turning into a far broader platform that is trying to showcase all forms of different entertainment and business needs.

And it seems that the next big thing that the company is going to be focusing on in its quest for continued internet domination is audio. With people spending more time listening to things online than staring at their screens during their busy days, it makes sense that Facebook wants o make a bigger play on this side of things, with Mark Zuckerberg sharing with The Verge what their new push into this space will look like:

“Soundbites” are a new format for creative, short-form audio that will appear across the company’s suite of products. Think TikTok, but for audio; Soundbites will let you change your sound via filters and other effects.

Facebook will become a home for long-form audio as well, recommending you shows, and episodes based on your interests and allowing you to consume them inside the app. An expanded partnership with Spotify will bring the company’s audio player to Facebook’s app as well, allowing users to listen to both music and podcasts.

Facebook will add Clubhouse-style live audio rooms, which it expects to be popular with groups. Participants will be able to tip creators with Facebook’s digital currency, Stars.

It appears Facebook has some big plans to capture your ears and not just capturing your swipes. I do think that they can make a big splash in the space given their different ideas though I also suspect that they may be a little late in trying to compete with some e of the bigger players which is perhaps why they’ve decided to partner with Spotify rather than take them on entirely.

Facebook has not revealed any official dates for any of these features, though will no doubt reveal more information over the next few months as they prepare to give you a reason to listen to their services rather than simply just shout at frustrating at the stupidity of what people are trying on Facebook.

Last Updated: April 22, 2021

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