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Stallone keen to retire the character of ROCKY from the cinema

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Creed was not only a great movie, it was probably one of the best movies in the Rocky franchise ever – and with the Rocky movies including some of the most iconic sports drama in the history of cinema, that is quite a feat. So naturally, it makes sense that after the critical and financial success of Creed, that there is going to be a sequel.

Only, it looks like that sequel is likely not to include Sylvester Stallone this time as he has indicated that he would like to see the character of Rocky retired from the cinema screen. In speaking to Variety and when asked about his involvement in the next Creed sequel, Stallone had the following to share:

I really have mixed feelings about this, seriously. I feel like Rocky, at the end of this movie on the steps, with the help of a young man, and he looks out and says, ‘From here, you can see your whole life’ — it sort of summarizes the whole thing. I don’t know how much further you can push Rocky.

This is confusing considering how Stallone has talked about his many ideas for Creed 2 and the future of the franchise, but I guess he sees himself moving to more of a behind the camera roll for these films. With director Ryan Coogler likely to not be directing the next Creed film to work on the Marvel film Black Panther, I would not be surprised if we see Stallone stepping behind the camera, as he has done with several  Rocky movies before.


Personally, I think that is a great idea, as Creed was probably the best performances we’ve ever seen from Stallone and it would be nice to see the character of Rocky Balboa go out on a high. Yes, it will be sad to no longer see Rocky in our cinemas anymore, but the baton needs to be passed and in Michael B. Jordan they have found a potential winner to keep it going, while allowing the rest of us to remember Rocky fondly before there is any chance of messing it up with too many sequels.

What will happen to the character of Rocky is not yet known, but [spoiler alert] with the character struggling with cancer at the end of the Creed movie, it would not be a surprise for this to be what lead to the character’s demise. It’s a sad way to go, but a fitting tribute after an incredible life already been shared on the screen.

Speaking about Coogler’s role in directing Creed, Stallone had this to say:

He just had a certain sense of relatability. He made it fresh and made it his own. I never in my life would have done this on my own. So that’s why it’s great to take a chance and embrace your fears.

A future without the character of Rocky seems a bleak one, but at least he will go off on a high. Creed 2 is currently scheduled for a November 2017 release and Stallone can probably start practicing that Oscars speech for February 28th.

Last Updated: February 15, 2016

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