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STAR WARS REBELS is about to get a lot cooler when Lando debuts

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Everyone has their favourite Star Wars characters. Some fans consider themselves a rogue like Han Solo. Others wish that they could choke their staff and leave no evidence behind, wishing that they were Darth Vader. But baby, there ain’t any character cooler than Lando Calrissian. He’s Han Solo with more charm, poise, authority and the ability to make capes look cool. And he’ll be popping up Star Wars Rebels soon.

Here’s your first look at the future ruler of Bespin’s Cloud City via StarWars.com’s Tim Veekhoven, as he oozes pure charm:

The best bit? Lando will be voiced by none other than the man himself, Billy Dee Williams. Lando will pop up in the January 19 episode “Idiot’s Array”, but there’s no word yet on which incarnation of the groovy Death Star killer we’ll be seeing. Whether he has the Millenium Falcon or has already lost it to Solo, is unknown.

If you haven’t been watching Star Wars: Rebels yet, then you’re missing out on a great show. Sure, it stars a prepubscent Aladdin lookalike who is armed with a space-kettie, but the show more than makes up for it with a product that is equal parts dark and light. It’s a fun show with a serious edge, and a cast that is fun to watch develop so far.

Last Updated: January 13, 2015

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