Starcraft II to get LAN support. Sorta…Maybe.

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Blizzard’s much maligned decision to exclude LAN support from the sequel to the quintessential LAN game has angered a whole lotta folk. That particular internet mob can quieten down a little, as it seems that Blizzard are trying to find a happy compromise. Battle.Net developer Greg Canessa has confirmed that they’re looking to implement a sort of pseudo-LAN to one of 2010’s most anticipated games. Hooray?

Canessa explains, “We are working on solutions with regard to things we can do to maintain connectivity to in some way, but also provide a great quality connection between players. He continued that  “[It’ll work by]…Maintaining a connection with, I don’t know if it’s once or periodically, but then also having a peer-to-peer connection between players to facilitate a very low-ping, high-bandwidth connection … those are the things that we’re working on.”

That tackles just one of the myriad of problems people have with the game running through – latencies. It still doesn’t help people who want to LAN but don’t have even the most rudimentary internet connection though.

I hope that whatever solution they come up with works, as Diablo III will likely use the same system.

Last Updated: August 24, 2009

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