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Stephen King's HEARTS IN ATLANTIS to be adapted into a movie

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Stephen King is one of the authors whose work has been adapted to TV or film most often. It seems that at almost any point in time there is either a book of his that is currently being adapted, or in planning or already on our screens, such is the huge scope of the man’s work and quality of material. So its surprising that one of his novels, Hearts in Atlantis, has never actually been adapted into a film.

Now you might be a little confused, because there was a film made with the same title, Hearts in Atlantis, back in 2001 starring Anthony Hopkins and a very young Anton Yelchin. However, despite the same title, that story was actually based on two other works in King’s collection, Low Men in Yellow Coats and Heavenly Shades of Night Are Falling and as such, the actual novella Hearts in Atlantis has not been adapted itself.

And according to Variety, this new adaptation, simply to be titled Hearts (perhaps adding even more confusion into the mix), will be directed by Johannes Roberts and written by Ernest Riera, who recently worked on horror film The Other Side of The Door and 47 Meters Down.


However, despite the duo’s horror credentials and King being, well the King of macabre, this novella is actually one of his non-horror efforts and is more of a straight up drama. So perhaps expect a few more tears of sorrow than of fright (no, it doesn’t count as tears if your pants are wet Nick) in this one.

The plot of the book concerns a group of financially struggling freshmen who find themselves becoming obsessed with the highly addictive card game Hearts, and see their academic fortunes begin to fail as a result. With the Vietnam War still raging at the time, the students are truly playing a dangerous game, as flunking out of school would see them no longer be shielded from the draft.

The story is still a classic in its own right even if not a traditional Stephen King horror, and I expect the film to gain a lot of interest.

Hearts is still in early-development and so there are no cast details or release dates confirmed as of yet.

Last Updated: September 23, 2016

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