Ster-Kinekor is pre-screening The Amazing Spiderman this Wednesday–Book now

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Are you excited to see The Amazing Spiderman and are currently counting down the days until the 14th of July?

Well then this is going to make your morning as Ster-Kinekor has revealed that they are going to be pre-screening The Amazing Spiderman this Wednesday the 4th of July and all you have to do to get into the pre-screening is to head on over to their website and book your seat before they are all sold out.

Unfortunately they are only showing it in selective cinema’s so if you live anywhere near Southgate, Sterland, Carlton, Maponya Mall, Northmead, Vincent Park, Shelly Beach, Savannah Mall, Maerua Mall, North Cape, Eikestad, Kenilworth, Promenade or Arcades Mall then you’re in luck.

At the time of writing there is still about 90% of seats available so you should be able to book your seats if you go now.

You’re going to regret it if you wait.

Book here now

Last Updated: July 2, 2012

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