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Steve Carrell to star in MINECRAFT movie

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If you thought Minecraft had no story that you could build on, you’d be wrong. At least according to Warner Bros who acquired the rights to make a movie out of the popular video game franchise. Like with many other video games which offer little else outside of their captivating gameplay, Hollywood believes it can still turn them into decent movies that will spin a profit.

However, when a title is that successful, it remains appealing and so the studios are going to give it their best to make a success out of those films. One obvious thing is to ensure they have a great script to build a story into the gameplay concepts. Another is to put some big stars involved in the project to build further hype and interest in the film.

And with Minecraft, Warner Bros is starting to get all of these areas into alignment. They have Rob McElhenney (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman) on-board and working on the script, with McElhenney also set to direct the film. They now also have a star signed potentially signed up for the movie according to Variety, in Steve Carrell.


It’s a mixed and diverse group of talent, but it would seem they are going for more of a comedy approach to the film based on this, with Fuchs perhaps bringing familiarity with scripts of a bigger proportion. The film will also mark McElhenney’s directorial debut as well, so it is quite a big franchise for him to make a debut with. And Despicable Me aside, Carrell is not exactly a big money making star either.

There is no word on what their budget for this film will be, though if they are going the more comedy angle and with the film likely to be aimed at the younger viewers, I don’t think it should be too overwhelming.

I’m not particularly excited for the film, but interested to see how they build a game all about freedom and openness – what is essentially a digital version of Lego – into a movie with a narrative. And The Lego Movie turned out quite well, so I’m hoping Minecraft can produce some similar magic.

Last Updated: November 17, 2016

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