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Steven DeKnight talks DAREDEVIL, is keen on bringing back the Punisher

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I’m a massive advocate of Netflix. Traditional TV is about as dead as print media, but it doesn’t realise that yet. And TV licenses can kiss my massive hairy arse. Ahem. Back on topic, there’s one other reason why I’m keeping my Netflix account renewed, and that’s so that I can get my fix of Marvel content. Specifically, my Daredevil fix. But I wouldn’t mind a taste of a certain other brutal vigilante with zero tolerance policies.


With the Daredevil finale ready to shoot, showrunner Steven DeKnight took to Twitter to answer some questions from the fans. One question asked, was on whether or not this show would follow in the footsteps of its bigger brother movies and feature some Easter eggs:

There’s a lot that Marvel can tease here. With Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter and various other Netflix shows, they’re fully capable of building a secondary universe that can be fleshed out with a sly nod here or there. Speaking of characters, DeKnight was questioned as to whether or not a certain trigger-happy vigilante would appear:


Man, so would I. I loved the 2004 movie. Hell, I even loved the 2008 movie, which is a special kind of insanity when you rewatch it. But I’d love even more for them to pop up on Netflix. That service could give the series the audience that it deserves, and the Punisher fits in perfectly with the street-level justice of Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Make it so dammit. Someone get Thomas Jane on the line already.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for the man without fear. Daredevil premiers next year.

Last Updated: December 2, 2014

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  1. Thomas Jane rocked as Punisher. Especially in that Dirty Laundry short.


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