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Steven Soderbergh looking to make a movie on the Panama Papers

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Well, I must be honest that I am actually quite impressed with how fast Hollywood is jumping at this one. It was inevitable that the Panama Papers scandal that caused a massive rift among the super-rich earlier this year was going to make its way into the movie world. However, I thought they would wait for the dust to settle for a few years and all the names and court cases have been finalised before finding a way to turn it into a film, ss with the last financial market crash, which took Hollywood several years to jump on. It seems they are ready to jump at this one quite quickly though and I’m not surprised that it’s Steven Soderbergh who is showing an interest in it (as reported by Collider).

For this of who who don’t get out much or are allergic to the news (I can’t say I blame you), the Panama Papers were a massive leak of documents from a firm in Panama that listed the accounts of many rich people and the money they had placed offshore to avoid taxes. While some heads of state have resigned and some court cases have come out of it, not much else has really been done about it. I guess the rich can get away with anything when they have the right lawyers… But this is not a political news site, so lets get back to movies…

Steven has tackled a host of different kinds of movies in his career, but has also not been afraid to make controversial or political films. He is also known for putting his productions together super-quick, so if Hollywood really wants to pounce on it fast, he is certainly a good pick. However, all that we know so far is that Soderbergh is willing to make a film about the scandal, as to whether he will direct it, we don’t know – so we shouldn’t jump the gun too fast here.


Especially since Soderbergh is already in planning for his next directorial effort Logan Lucky. He has also recently wrapped post-production on a mysterious project for HBO called Mosaic, which may or may not be a movie. So if he does choose to direct this, we may need to wait a short while before it all gets started.

As to the script for the planned Panama leaks move, Scott Z. Burns, the screenwriter behind Soderbergh’s ContagionThe Informant!, and Side Effects is due to write the screenplay for this film. What’s going to be interesting for me is to see what type of movie these two can put out for this one. That list of movies is already quite diverse – with Contagion and The Informant almost at extreme opposites of each other in terms of genre, pace and quality – so we can get anything from a tense, well-paced thriller, to a meandering, dull drama of sorts.

However, regardless of whether Soderbergh ends up directing the film or not, it will be interesting to see what story they can pull out of the scandal and I have no doubt that there will be many people trying to put a stop to this one getting released.

Last Updated: July 8, 2016

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