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Let's take a closer look at that trailer for SUICIDE SQUAD

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Out of all the comic book movies arriving in the near future, Suicide Squad was the least expected. A movie starring expendable super villains who are undertaking high-risk missions for the US government may not be the kind of film that you want near Superman or the Justice League, but I’ve got a good feeling that director David Ayer may be sitting on the DC cinematic universe’s own anti-Avengers film here.

An official trailer is out, thanks to the San Diego Comic-Con and some dodgy smartphones. So let’s start analysing it!

Suicide Squad (2)

It ain’t Arkham Asylum, but it is a damn close runner-up for hell on Earth when it comes to DC correctional institutions. Belle Reve prison is most likely where most of the Suicide Squad is housed in the film, a specialist prison for metahumans who don’t play ball.

Suicide Squad (7)

Maximum security ain’t a joke yo. Here’s Harley Quinn, isolated and contained while under heavy guard.

Suicide Squad (8)

Here’s the thing about Harley Quinn: Her ass-kicking skills are rarely ever highlighted. She may be crazier than the car sales at Barry Lipshitz’s World of Cars (CHEAPEST DEPOSITS, KIDS!), but she also happens to be an olympic-level gymnast and an expert shrink who can get into your head. Combine that with her possible immunity to most toxins in the comics, and that’s a deadly combination.

As well as a solid reason to include her in a squad of pyromaniacs, throwing stick experts and a human crocodile. But I’ve got a feeling that it’ll be her Joker connection, which is the primary reason for her inclusion.

Suicide Squad (6)

Look, you don’t earn the nickname “The Wall” just by having a convenient last name. Here’s Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, pretty much the last person you’d ever want to mess with in the shadowy world of black ops. I’m not saying she’s tough, but she is the kind of person who happens to tell Batman to piss off on a regular basis.

And it looks like she has a plan for Task Force X.

Suicide Squad (3)

Shadowy government military figure number one. Maybe it’s General Wade Eiling, who eventually became a nigh-unstoppable anti-Justice League hulk known as the Shaggy Man in comics. Maaaaaaybe.

Suicide Squad (4)

Looks like we’re getting an Enchantress origin, as Carla Delevingne’s character decides to go spelunking one day.

Suicide Squad (5)

Which eventually leads to her meeting up with a demon by the name of Dzamor and gaining instant access to MAGIC! But by the look of things, it seems that power comes with a price.

Suicide Squad (17)

Such as Pentagram-endorsed baths in what I hope is mud and not actually blood.

Suicide Squad (9)

Here’s Jay Hernandez as Chato Santana/El Diablo. He’s relatively new in the comics, having a 2008 debut that was eventually retooled in the New 52. He’s a gangster who happens to be possessed by a particularly flame-happy demon, so that should create a nice dynamic with the Enchantress.

Suicide Squad (10)

I bet Captain America could show you a thing or two about hitting the ol’ sand bag, Floyd Lawton.

Suicide Squad (11)

I have a feeling that Killer Croc isn’t the kind of killer who’ll be content to have a nice chianti when ripping you a new one.

Suicide Squad (21)

I’ve got to say, I love the make-up on Killer Croc here, which is closer to the horrible skin condition disfigurement that the character should have, instead of being merely a horribly mutated human. And that’s the kind of skin that’ll come in handy when the bullets start flying.

Suicide Squad (12)

Criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot. And lot of them are maniacs who clearly have a tradition of wearing gaudy masks to carry out their crimes, such as eyeball guy above…

Suicide Squad (15)

Goat-Head dude here…

Suicide Squad (23)

Assault Rifle Panda (Also the name of my band)…

Suicide Squad (24)

And a Batman who is most likely going to get the mother of all karma thrown back at him.

Suicide Squad (13)

Be ready for a very different Floyd Lawton/ Deadshot in Suicide Squad. Will Smith’s character seems to be an amalgamation of previous versions and incarnations, with the deadly assassin having only one redeeming factor: A love for his daughter Zoe.

And it’s that desire to give his daughter a better life, that makes Lawton a more complicated bad guy. Something which I’m certain Smith can easily pull off.

Suicide Squad (20)

Apparently a pre-Jokerised Jared Leto, hooking up with Doctor Quinzell. Setting up that romance that plays a key role in finding the maniac, by the look of things.

Suicide Squad (14)

But that costume of his is pure comic book gold. It harkens back to his original look, which was primarily a red onesie with a white mask.

Suicide Squad (30)

Don’t expect Deadshot to constantly wear his mask however. Will Smith is a big money star, so you want to maximise face time with his character.

Suicide Squad (16)

That’s definitely Harleen Quinzell there, being strapped down in a riot that has broken down at Arkham Asylum.

Suicide Squad (27)

Looks like we’re going to be treated to a Harley Quinn origin as well. Which may not be easy viewing, as the Joker enters the scene with a barking laugh that is pretty creepy.

Suicide Squad (33)

“I’m not gonna kill ya”.

Suicide Squad (34)

“I’m just going to hurt you, real bad!”. I’ve got a feeling that David Ayer will be playing up the “Killing Joke” angle of the Joker here, as he proves to Harley that one bad day can make anybody just as crazy as he is.

I’m also liking the fact that he has a grill. Because let’s be honest, if Ben Affleck’s Batman is as brutal as reports suggest, then there’s no way that this Joker would have any teeth left after murdering a Robin.

Suicide Squad (18)

The Suicide Squad, in all their glory.

Suicide Squad (19)

Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flagg. Yes, he was created way back in 1959. Comic book readers loved characters with names like that.

Suicide Squad (22)

I’m liking Harley’s look in the film. It’s almost as crazy as she is, and you can see that Margot Robbie is having a blast playing as her.

Suicide Squad (1)

Quick eye-candy shot of Harley. BUT! Check out the diamond pattern on her clothes. That’s a neat throwback to her original costume there.

Suicide Squad (25)

Joker on a mission. That whiter skin and greener hair makes the Jared Leto version pop perfectly, when compared to the magnificent look of the late Heath Ledger’s clown prince of crime.

Suicide Squad (28)

I don’t think we’ll see too much of Jared Leto’s Joker, outside of some Harley Quinn flashbacks that set up her origin. In fact, he hasn’t been seen in a single scene with any of the other Suicide Squad cast members, which leaves the current theory that he may be the main villain of the film, up in the air.

The other theory points to Jim Parrack playing the lead-threat, as super-mercenary Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke. He was seen on set, and posted some very Deathstrokey pics on Instagram. However, The Wrap reckons that he is in a fact a Joker hecnhman, with the Joker himself being in a Hannibal Lecter where he pulls strings from Belle Reve prison.

The other, other theory is that Joe Mangienello is in fact the Deathstroke that the team is sent after, but there’s been zero evidence to support that. That being said, I definitely am looking forward to any scenes which featuring Harley and Joker, as well as the Batman.

Suicide Squad (29)

I could tell you who Slipknot is, in a lengthy look back at his origin as a lame rope-obsessed Firestorm villain. Or I could just say that he’s more expendable than a James Bond henchman, so don’t get too attached to him.

Suicide Squad (31)

Jai Courtney may be about as exciting as watching paint dry, but I’m genuinely hoping that he brings his A-game to the role of Digger Harness, AKA Captain Boomerang. He looks great, with his Ozzie tracksuit colours being a pure throwback to his gaudy comic book costume.

Suicide Squad (35)

Here’s Karen Fukuhara as Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana. She’s rather good with that blade, as her name would imply.

Suicide Squad (32)

And one more look at the real expendables! So, who do you reckon will survive once the dust has settled? My money is that anybody who isn’t Will Smith, is going to be in for a hard time when the film arrives next year.

Last Updated: July 15, 2015

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