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Survival comes at a cost in the crime drama Run with the Hunted

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Run with the Hunted is the upcoming crime drama/thriller from writer/director John Swab (Let Me Make You a Martyr).

Fifteen years ago Loux’s best friend, Oscar, saved her from her abusive father – accidentally killing him in the process and then running away to the city. Moving to the city herself to start a new life, Loux (Sam Quartin) takes a job working for a private investigator, where one day she finds Oscar’s missing child report. She decides to see if she can discover what happened to him, but Oscar (Michael Pitt – Boardwalk Empire), scarred by his past, is now the leader of a group of lost children resorting to crime to make ends meet – and under the thumb of a ruthless crime boss.

The official plot synopsis is as follows:

Oscar, a young boy, defends his best friend, Loux, and kills her abusive father in the process, forcing him to run away from his rural hometown. His innocence slips away as he is introduced to love, crime and corruption. 15 years later, he has all but forgotten his past and become the leader of a band of lost children. When Loux moves to the same city in search of a better life, she finds a job with a curmudgeonly private investigator. Stumbling upon Oscar’s antiquated missing child report, Loux takes it upon herself to find the boy who saved her life.

Let’s take a look:

The plot seems a bit too Oliver Twisted and convoluted for my tastes, but this doesn’t look half bad. Small budget indies with a decent cast, as is the case here, can often surprise you by punching well above their weight – and based on the trailer I’m hopeful that’s what Run with the Hunted will deliver.

What do you think?

Run with the Hunted is due for release via digital and on-demand in the UK on 19 June, and in the US on 26 June. It also stars Ron Perlman, Madilyn Kellam, Mark Boone Junior, William Forsythe, Kylie Rogers, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Slaine, Dree Hemingway, and Mitchell Paulsen.

Last Updated: June 9, 2020

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