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Sylvester Stallone is set for a TV series based on Mario Puzo's OMERTA

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If the name Mario Puzo is unfamiliar to you, I’ve got two words for ya – The Godfather. Do I have your attention now?

Deadline are reporting that Stallone is set to star in the adaption and Antoine “Training Day” Fuqua is on board to direct, backed by The Weinstein Company. The pilot script and show bible have already been written by Justin Herber and Adam Hoff (The Edge), with more writers to be brought on to form their writers room.  A show runner and female lead have yet to be set, but are expected to be announced shortly.

Published a year after the author’s death in 1999, ‘Omerta’ is the third novel in Puzo’s Mafia trilogy that started with ‘The Godfather’ (1969) and continued in ‘The Last Don’ (1996). If you’re familiar with the novels (or the movies) it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the story is a sprawling one, taking place over many years and involving many characters. It has however received mixed reviews from critics since its publication.

As a very brief summary Don Raymonde Aprile (Stallone’s character) adopts the son (Astorre) of his former Don upon his death. Aprile is also trying to forge legitimate business interests for his children so that they don’t have to live the life he has. Stuff happens, Aprile is killed, Astorre gets revenge. What? I said it was brief.

‘The Godfather’ of course was famously adapted by Francis Ford Coppola, with the assistance of Puzo, into three parts that starred Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro among many others; with The Godfather Part I and II widely regarded as cinematic masterpieces and winners of numerous Academy awards. ‘The Last Don’ was adapted into a TV miniseries of the same name in 1997, with a sequel – The Last Don II – in 1998.

The show will be shopped around to networks soon, with the hope that one will take on the project with a full series commitment. I’d expect many networks to jump at the opportunity, particularly with the talent on board and the legacy behind it. The only issue could be the cost – I’d assume the series also comes with a hefty price tag attached.

What do you think?

Last Updated: May 3, 2016

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