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TAKEN 3 will see director Olivier Megaton return, Forest Whitaker to also join the cast

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We often joke about how Taken 3 would most likely see Liam Neeson’s sammich stolen from him, but the reality of the film project is that it will actually happen. Thanks to the film making plenty of bucks off of a small budget, the entire european continent is going to once again have to stock up on body bags when Bryan Mills starts his search for whatever has been taken from him this time.

Liam Neeson isn’t the only familiar face returning for Taken 3 however, as director Olivier Megaton will be back in the main chair as well.

According to Deadline, the Taken 2 director is back in his favourite seat, and is courting actor Forest Whitaker to join the cast, which will see several other actors such as Maggie Grace return. The action franchise has done well so far, with both movies making over $600 million worldwide so far. Neeson is reportedly taking home $20 million for a third go as Mills, an increase from the $15 million pay cheque that he received for Taken 2.

Strangely, Taken has always been a solid franchise in overseas markets when compared to the heavyweight US markets. That’s where it made most of its money, despite the films having murdered most of the population in those various nations. Shooting begins in March, as this will be the next project for Megaton. Luc Besson and Mark Kamen have turned in the latest script.

Last Updated: January 30, 2014

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