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Talk about a Heaven Sent – Guillermo Del Toro is looking to direct the supernatural side of DC Comics

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Is Guillermo Del Toro a workaholic  Judging by some of the latest reports about his current workload, the answer, would be yes, yes he is. Besides his work on the giant robots versus Cthulu flick Pacific Rim, Del Toro also has his directing eyes set on Haunted Mansion, Frankenstein and many, many other projects.

But if things go his way, he could be looking at directing a super-hero team-up that would gather the more supernatural elements of the DC Universe into one flick.

The ever reliable Latino Review has reported that Warner Bros has been more than happy with the work done on Pacific Rim so far, and have given him first dibs on any of their current studio projects that are in need of a director.

And while Del Toro isn’t looking to helm the upcoming Justice League, he wants to tap into the dark side of that universe instead. The idea that Del Toro has in mind right now is for a film called Heaven Sent, which would gather such characters as The Spectre, Swap Thing, John Constantine, The Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, Zatara, Sargon and Etrigan the Demon, into one film.

That’s quite a few characters, all with different motivations and visual styles to tackle, but it sounds like a dream project for Del Toro. He’s no stranger to comic book films, having helmed Hellboy 1 and 2, as well the second Blade film, and his distinct style could be beneficial in bring the spookier side of these characters to life.

But that film, even if it was greenlit, is still a long way away, possibly years, and also has the added hurdle of being a tad too family unfriendly. But I for one, would love to see Del Toro helm a new version of Constantine at least, and wipe the taste of the not exactly bad, but pretty damn underwhelming Constantine from my mouth.

With a Brrrrritish actor this time around.

Last Updated: November 2, 2012

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