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Tayler Lautner is going to jump on stuff in new movie, Tracers

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I’m pretty sure that there are people on this planet who would never recognize Taylor Lautner with his shirt on. But hey, I guess that when you possess pectoral muscles with more acting ability than your face, disrobing quickly becomes your go-to move.

And with the Twilight series wrapping up and his co-stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson already having their own big movies (Snow White and the Huntsman and Cosmopolis, respectively) coming out soon, Chesty McWolfboy needs to get his abs in the blockbuster door as well.

And he’s hoping that freerunning/parkour action movie Tracers will be just the thing to do that.

According to the press release, the film will see Lautner in the role of Cam, a New York City bike messenger who “is the hottest thing on two wheels, but is in debt to an organized crime gang.  When he crashes his bike into a sexy stranger, Nikki, Cam is immediately seduced by her and the thrill of the world of parkour.”

Firstly, I tried very hard to not laugh at at that “hottest thing on two wheels” line, but failed miserably. Secondly, this Nikki girl can’t be too good at this parkour stuff, because last time I checked, parkour involved running and jumping over stuff, not into them.

Tracers is set to be directed by Daniel Benmayor, who has Bruc, the Manhunt and Paintball to his directorial credit, all of which are movies I had never heard of until about an hour ago. And based on the middling at best reviews for them, I’m in no hurry to correct that oversight.

My further extensive Youtube research in parkour has also revealed that a number of these parkour guys are pretty ripped and prefer running around topless. Man, Lautner, if you mess this one up…

Last Updated: May 15, 2012

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