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THE ADDAMS FAMILY is coming back as an animated film

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It may be the first day of November, but last night was a perfect occasion with which to announce new horror films. And reboots of them. The Addams Family is one such movie that’s getting a remake. But it’s not all bad and spitting on the grave of Raul Julia, as this one will be an animated flick that is closer to the older roots of that classic horror comedy about a dysfunctional family.



File this one with Uncle NikNak’s summer wardrobe, winter wardrobe and Uncle NikNak as Variety is reporting that MGM is entering the home stretch with negotiations for BermanBraun to make a new Addams Family animated feature.


So far, the project has Pamela “Corpse Bride” Pettler attached on scripting duties, with Andrew Mittman and Kevin Miserocchi executive producing. Based on the cult comic strip which in turn evolved into several animated and live action series, The Addams Family also got a big screen break with Barry Sonnenfield directing two films.


That starred Raul Julia being awesome. And I’mpretty cool with the family from hell returning as an animated feature.


Last Updated: November 1, 2013

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