THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON will be shot right here in South Africa

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The first Avengers film may not have been the kind of blockbuster that saw scenes shot all over the world in 80 days, but it looks like things might be changing in the sequel. When you’ve got the living embodiment of the American dream on your team, alongside a green gigantic rage monster, a god of thunder and Iron Man, the world is bound to take notice.

And it looks like when Ultron starts knocking on the Avengers Mansion door, he might be doing it in Cape Town.

cape twon

While the film will do plenty of principal shooting in the United Kingdom, location shooting could be done here in South Africa. According to IMDB via ComicBookMovie, Cape Twon has given director Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios the nod to come on over. South Africa-based extras casting coordinator, J.P. van der Merwe, has also been added to the official crew for the sequel. So what could we expect from this shoot?

Rumour has it that the Black Panther, who rules the African nation of Wakanda, could be introduced in the film, with Cape Town being used to double as that country. Wakanda is also home to a vast reserve of Vibranium, the same material that Captain America’s shield is made from, and also main antagonist and killer android not-an-app Ultron.

Now that’s some awesome news to start the day with. While a random car guard helps the SHIELD helicarrier reverse out of Cape Town airport, Kervyn and I will be suiting up to go audition for any bloody role possible.


Last Updated: January 6, 2014

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