The cars of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD are rather…mad

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Some days, it’s hard to believe that the turbulently turbo world of Mad Max comes from the same man who directed films about talking pigs and penguins with dance moves. Still, after way too many years in development, the fourth Mad Max film is almost upon us. And every trailer for the film so far makes it look like the Tron: legacy of high-speed chase films set in a post-apocalyptic Australian desert.

And of course, there’s the cars. The beautiful, beautiful cars that Car And Driver got to see. There’s the  the “Peacemaker,” a car that’s a hybrid of a Valiant Charger and a Ripsaw tank, “The Gigahorse” which happens to be two Cadillac Coupe DeVilles stacked on top of a truck chassis and the “FDK”, a VW Beetle that spouts flames.

Mad Max cars (1) Mad Max cars (2) Mad Max cars (3) Mad Max cars (4) Mad Max cars (5) Mad Max cars (6) Mad Max cars (7) Mad Max cars (8) Mad Max cars (9) Mad Max cars (10)

By the way, there are around “150 or so” vehicles in Mad Max 4 according to production designer Colin Gibson. And some are madder than a rugby fan on an overbooked flight to the world cup. Mad Max: Fury Road drives into cinemas on May 15.

Last Updated: April 29, 2015

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