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Pixar Popcorn: Disney’s best characters are back in a series of short films

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Pixar Popcorn: Disney's best characters are back in a series of short films 2

Pixar is a master of crafting compelling animated stories that can keep viewers glued to the big screen and wanting more after the end credits have rolled. Its full-length movies are excellent but the short stories preceding them can also tug one’s heartstrings, moving your emotions more in 5 minutes than most movies can in their entire runtime.

It’s fitting then that Disney is looking to bring back some of Pixar’s most beloved characters in a collection of bite-sized adventures called Pixar Popcorn/ These new shorts will allow families to revisit some of their favourite characters and properties like Toy Story, The Incredibles, Cars, Finding Nemo, Coco, Soul and Monster Inc while being entertained and moved by them at the same time.

It’s the strength of Pixar’s existing characters that make this short trailer so enticing. Yes, there looks to be plenty of funny and entertaining moments but even though we don’t know much about all the different stories, just knowing the characters involved and the connection we have with them makes you want to watch. Even if we can’t do so officially because they’re only coming to Disney+. So, unless you want to explore VPN options, you will have to wait for the opportunity for you and your family to see these.

Making a full-length animated movie takes a long time, but in focusing on shorter stories, the studio would be able to revisit more characters than ever before and give us new and exciting stories and skits that are great to watch, but don’t warrant actual movies. And hopefully leave their more original, new stories for the movies, because we all know Pixar shines more when they tell a new story than when crafting a sequel.

Last Updated: January 21, 2021

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