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The creator of One Piece needs a break

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That's Geoff on the far left with the afro. His new diet may have gone a tad too far...

Whether you watch the NEVER-ENDING anime, buy the legal trade paperbacks or read the weekly issues of the mega-popular One Piece manga (through less legit channels), there’s no denying that the tale of pirates and their quest for the ultimate treasure is still popular today. And that’s all thanks to creator Eiichiro Oda, who really, really needs some vacation time.

Currently the biggest selling manga of all time, One Piece is going strong right now, with almost 700 printed issues of the nautical saga, and about ten trillion times as many episodes in circulation (citation needed).

What makes One Piece so successful then? Pretty much the fact that Oda never seems to take a break from working on it. In a recent interview picked up by 52, Oda described his usual morning routine as “I get up at 5am, and I work until 2am. It’s normal for me to sleep from 2am to 5am."

That’s a 21 hour working day, mind you. Asked about whether or not he ever takes time off, Oda replied "I have no days off. If I had them, I’d want to go on vacation with my family. I just want to go outside, it doesn’t matter where. See, I don’t get out much."

Wowzers. The man is obviously attached to his work in order to devote this much time to it, but c’mon, give him some sunlight and fresh air for Petes sake!

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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