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THE DARK TOWER has begun shooting… in Cape Town!

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After years of wandering in the wasteland of production hell, the feature film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is finally happening. We know that Idris Elba is playing lead gunslinger Roland Deschain (despite some fans’ issue with the film makers switching the character’s race), Matthew McConaughey is playing the villainous Man in Black and that Vikings star Katheryn Winnick recently joined the cast in some undisclosed role.

But now thanks to Winnick and some pics she posted on her Instagram account (via News24), we now know two other major facts: the production started filming yesterday, and it started filming right here in Cape Town!


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This was the first real major confirmation of the film’s shooting location, but there had been talk that The Dark Tower would be calling our backyard home, and those suspicions were bolstered when Idris Elba was spotted out and about in town during the Cape Town Jazz Festival. And Winnick’s hashtags on her pics seem to hint that McConaughey is hiding around here somewhere as well.

The actress didn’t reveal anything else though, including not giving any real clues as to her character’s identity by covering her name. However, with the reports that director/screenwriter Nikolaj Arcel and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman have mished and mashed King’s epic series into a much shorter form, changing and combining plot points and character details as necessary, guessing her role may be almost impossible.

King himself has revealed that this adaptation will seemingly begin in the middle of the story and will be set in the modern world as Roland – a gunslinger from another realm besieged by foes – goes about forming his party that will eventually help him to find the titular Dark Tower which stands at the centre of all creation.

It’s recently been revealed that Frans Kranz has joined the production as the Man In Black’s right-hand man Pimli, Tom Taylor will play the young Jake Chambers, Jackie Earl Healey plays the humanoid “low-man” Sayre and Abbey Lee plays Tirana, who appears to be a brand new character.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go work on my ninja skills and get on that set.

The Dark Tower is scheduled for release on February 17, 2017.

Last Updated: May 11, 2016


  1. I was ONLY JOKING when I said the road to the Dark Tower ends at Nkandla.


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