Home Entertainment The delightfully mysterious first trailer for the DAY OF THE DOCTOR has been released!

The delightfully mysterious first trailer for the DAY OF THE DOCTOR has been released!

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It is no secret that we are all Doctor Who fanboys over here at The Movies. If you don’t believe us, our TARDIS-shaped coffee mugs should settle that debate. Well, in just over a month from now on (November 23rd!), the much-discussed and obsessed 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who will see the light of day and finally, the first trailer has been released.

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The last episode of Doctor Who, which finally revealed the true nature of Clara Oswin Oswald, left us with a satisfying answer to the overall arc of season 7 but it introduced another mystery which has been heatedly discussed online since the first half of this year…where does John Hurt’s Doctor character fit into the story? Is there an incarnation of the Doctor that we are not aware of? Is this one of the previous Doctors that we know about, but aged and twisted after a lifetime of blood and war? Perhaps something else completely?

Once again, Steven Moffat manages to keep Doctor Who fans on the edge of their seats and even the trailer raises more questions than answers. I’ve even found an article that dissects the trailer to reveal a few of the easter eggs that can be found in it and either the easter eggs reveal are purely for the purpose of nostalgia, as you can expect for an anniversary episode, or they are squeezing a whole lot of content into the 50th. I do feel that both might be the case though and come the 23rd of November, John Hurt’s Doctor, as well as the 10th (David Tennant) and 11th (Matt Smith) will be adventuring together as they figure out the Day of the Doctor.

This will also be the second-last time that we will be seeing Matt Smith as the Doctor before being replaced by Peter Capaldi and while I am a Smith fan, I look forward to what Mr. Capaldi can bring to the table. Moffat has promised an entirely new chapter in the Doctor Who saga and while we have no idea what he might mean by that, I can safely say that we are all extremely excited to find out. For now, here’s the trailer for the 50th. Don’t neglect that pause button!

Last Updated: October 21, 2013

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  1. Cant wait for this,its going to be one heck of a ride i think.


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