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THE EXPENDABLES 3 has found its director

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It takes a special kind of man to helm an Expendables film. The first one was directed by Sly Stallone himself, while the second, far more action-packed ode to the gut instinct violence of yesteryear was overseen by Simon “Con Air” West.

So who’s taking the reins for the third film then? The trilogy-capper to a couple of years of explosives, pistols, and Jet Lee kicking as much ass as possible within an allotted two minute time frame? Why none other than…


Patrick Hughes. Wait, who?

Hughes hit it big last year with his Australian film Red Hill, which chalked up some pretty good reviews overall. It also puts to rest the rumours that Mel Gibson would direct the third film, but I’m personally hoping that he at least makes an appearance alongside a weary Danny Glover as two mercenaries who are clearly too old for this kind of explosive crap. Heading to Twitter, Stallone explained why Hughes was chosen for the job;






It’s an interesting choice, but one that we see plenty of in Hollywood. I’m curious to see what Hughes can do with an army of mercenaries under his belt, but considering that Stallone will be present as well, things should be interesting. As for that short film that Stallone mentioned? Watch it right here and see for yourself.

Last Updated: April 24, 2013

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