The first Sci-Fi movie that was actually filmed in space – And NASA censored it

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Ah space, the final frontier. Humanity has done a lot to the cold, dark void of space already, from landing on the moon to filling the vacuum up with junk, but we’ve never actually made a movie in actual space.

British game developer Richard Garriott did just that in 2008 though,  making a short film that he called Apogee of Fear which starred him, two American astronauts, one cosmonaut and his mom.

Except NASA wasn’t too keen on seeing it released.When Garriot launched from the Kazakhstan Baikonour space center in a Soyuz space-ship, in October of 2008, he took a video camera with him up to the Space Station.

After filming several video segments, he used a few of them in Man on a mission, which detailed his $30 million quest to reach space. The other film sequences were then kept for Apogee of Fear, which was turned into a humourous video.

In Apogee, the three space station visitors — astronauts Mike Fincke and Greg Chamitof and cosmonaut Yuri Lonchakov—detect that too much air is being consumed. Days before this, Garriott had allegedly abandoned the space station in a Soyuz. Thus, everything that happens is clearly the work of aliens, shenanigans ensue and Garriots mom pops up( in footage that was filmed back on earth)

NASA wasn’t happy with the film though, and proceeded to stop it, due to it using NASA hardware and astronauts, with Garriot describing the movie as “too playful. It’s just not their message.”

Its a shame, because it sounds like a wonderful look into space travel, that could have brought some much needed positive public attention to the venerable institution.

Last Updated: January 20, 2012

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